Why it is Important to Update your Software

What is a software and why it so important to keep it updated? The software is the systematic collection of computer instructions, programs, and data. Without the software, your computer is just a worthless junk of plastic. There are two kinds of software, the system and application software. The system’s software is responsible for all the underlying operations of the computer, while the application software is an additional set of programs that is installed by the user, it has specific functions like Microsoft Office or any Internet Browsers.


Now and then, we get notifications reminding us that our software needs an update. We often ignore this message. However, it is important to respond to this notification and hit that update button. Here is the list why:

Stronger Security

Every software update means an upgraded defense against viruses. A software update brings about new fixes and solutions to the loopholes of your security. However, if you leave your software outdated, it would be vulnerable to the exploitation of hackers or viruses that could cause your information to leak or be manipulated.

Greater Efficiency 

Does your application often lags and then crashes? Or does your computer freezes and you resort to restarting it all over again? These problems of your application or system software are caused by bugs, the inconsistencies of faulty program and instructions within the software. No software is created perfect, that is why there are updates to refine it and improve its functions If you update your application or system software, expect less lags, crashes and a better overall performance. Additionally, if you happen to encounter these bugs, report it to your software provider so they can address it in their next update.

Greater Compatibility

The internet enables people and businesses to connect all over the world. However, this connection between two or any number of parties is negatively affected if they have different software. Just like two people won’t understand each other if they have different languages, the communication is disrupted. For example, if your Microsoft Document is created in an outdated version of Microsoft Word, your receiver which has an updated Microsoft Word will view your Document with an altered content or form. Hence, errors are increased and productivity is decreased.

Additional Enhancements

Aside from fixing faults like the loopholes of security or bugs, software updates often carry with them additional enhancements. Both system and application software have a lot of competition out there, so they try to improve their product with every software updates. For example, Microsoft Office created just recently an Auto Recovery function for all of their product (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to enable users to prevent loss of unsaved documents. Additional Enhancements also include better graphics, navigation, and contents of the software products.

With all of this information, we can conclude that updating your software is certainly necessary. It only has a very little downside, only the time it takes for your computer to update, and it has infinitely greater upside, the benefits that are listed above.

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