Signs that your Computer is Infected with a Virus

There are so many computer viruses that exist today, and each one of them has their disruptive effects. They can cause corruption, disappearance, unintentional replication of files, or worse, can cause problems on your system. Infection of your computer is definitely costly to your work or personal business on your computer.


Removal of viruses is not an easy job to do; it requires computer specialists to do it. But before contacting these professionals, make sure you have correctly diagnosed your computer with a virus or maybe just an ordinary problem that requires basic troubleshooting that you may have overlooked. Here, Computer Tech Walnut Creek gives a list of signs that signals that your computer might need immediate help.

Your Computer is Running Slowly

When viruses infect your computer, it uses or drains resources that should otherwise be used for your usual tasks. This results in slower speed in processing your application, internet speed or your overall operating system. However, before assuming that this slowdown is caused by a virus, check if your RAM or hard drive is full or if you are simply running a heavy application that eats a lot of your computer resources.

Your Computer is Showing you Pop-ups

These Pop-ups are unwanted messages like advertisements for web products or other messages that serves us click-baits for websites. Viruses that brings these pop-ups are especially irritating, for they keep appearing constantly and may affect your internet surfing or your concentration if you are working on something.

Applications won’t start, or Unknown Application starts automatically

Another warning sign for computer infection is that some of your application won’t start. No matter where you are trying to open it, from the desktop, or program files, or start menu, your application won’t simply start. Worse, your computer starts an unknown application that you didn’t even know that it existed. Either of the two is a sure fire sign that your system has been infiltrated by viruses.

Your Computer is sending Emails or messages in social media

If your friends complain to you that they are receiving dubious messages on their emails or inbox of social media sites that you have no knowledge of, your computer is surely infected. This kind of virus may cause problems for you, for they often contain explicit contents like pornography or click-bait messages that transport your friend to untrusted websites that may also contain virus or malware.

Unknown Websites, Browser homepage or toolbars Appear

The kind of virus that transports you to unknown websites alters your browser homepage and installs unknown toolbars is a virus that is uncanny. It is made for the purpose of driving their website’s traffic or advertise products that you don’t want.

These are the signs and symptoms of computers that are infected with viruses. If you notice one or more of these signs, scan your computer with your anti-virus applications, if this doesn’t work or if you don’t have an anti-virus program, contact computer professionals to do the job for you.


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