5 Necessary Free Shareware Programs Worth Downloading

There are lots of Free Shareware Programs that is available in the internet. They often appear in advertisement pop-ups or websites offering their services. However lots of these free Shareware Programs are sham, and others even carry virus or other malwares.


To start, it is a productive question to ask for the relevant, useful, and safe free shareware that is available in the internet out there. Some computer professionals list 5 necessary Shareware programs that are worth downloading.

Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Windows have a package internet browser, which is the “Internet Explorer” which is known to be a notoriously slow web browser. However, you need not worry because Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is readily available for free in the internet. There are other quality web browsers, but these two are the best and most preferred. The two enables you to surf the internet easily and fastly with additional features like tools and plug-ins.


How do you download torrent files? You need a content or file sharing platform that enables you to download these torrents, and BitTorrent is the best free shareware programs that are out there. BitTorrent now only allows you to download, but to upload files also. BitTorrent is known for its easy to use interface, and its fast download and upload speed. Of course, there are lots of other torrent downloaders out there, but BitTorrent is deemed, and is the leading torrent downloader by a far distance out there.

VLC Media Player

Windows have a packaged media player in the form of “Windows Media Player”, however it is only used seldomly by computer users. This is because of the fact that Windows Media Player only has limited range of compatible media formats. On the other hand, VLC Media Player offers a wide range of media format compatibility like Ogg, AVI, FLAC, Fraps, Matroska, MPEG-2 (ES, MP3), TS, FL, MP4, PS, PVA, QuickTime File Format, TS, WAV, FLAC, ASF,  WebM, MPJPEG for video formats and Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, DV Audio MP3, Speex, AC-3 for audio formats. VLC also offers and easier interface and also includes formatting of video and audio files, and subtitltes for videos. VLC is freely offered in the internet, and can also be used through USB.


ClamWin is an anti-virus program that is underrated against its rivals, but it is offered freely in the internet. Comparing to Norton or McAffee anti-virus programs, ClamWin doesn’t often pop-up on your notifications that often disturbs your internet navigation or use of computer. It also has an easier interface and is quite effective in itself.


PDFCreator is also an underrated application compared against its more famous competitor the Adobe Acrobat. While Adobe Acrobat only reads PDF files and it requires payment for its premium edition, PDFCreator offers the same for free. It reads and prints PDF files, and it can also turn data, documents, or pictures into PDF forms

These are the 5 essential Free Shareware Programs that is worth downloading. Just search their names, download, and install their file, and you have your new application running!